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Back The Blue Foundation is working to de-stigmatize mental health within the law enforcement community through its Peer Advocate Support Program and community outreach. The Peer Advocate Support Program handles nearly 200 calls a week from officers. Each member of our highly trained peer team is a former or current law enforcement officer, with many disabling injuries among the group. They know the environment, exposures, and traumas officers encounter on a daily basis. They are our most trusted confidants.

Accepting that one is struggling with PTSI is the first step for many officers. Seeking an outlet for support is second.

Back The Blue Foundation provides a reliable foundation for first line support. A simple phone call to a stranger with similar experiences can hugely impact the life of an officer. There is immediate trust, validation, and confidentiality, which breaks down barriers when a person is in a vulnerable state.

The peer advocates understand that every law enforcement officer injured, physically or emotionally, in the line of duty has unique needs. This team stands ready to answer the calls, listen to the officer’s story, and assist or access other resources for that individual, as needed. Many officers who are seriously injured or disabled in the line of duty experience feelings of abandonment and isolation. Back The Blue Foundation Peer Advocate Support Team is always a reminder that they are “Never Forgotten, Never Alone”.

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We need your help in spreading our message. We encouraging all members to access our resources if they are struggling and/or would to share our resources with their colleagues who may be suffering in silence.

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